B​.​R​.​U​.​H​.​H. Brother Ruling UnderGround Hip Hop

by MadMike

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B.R.U.H.H. Brother Ruling UnderGround Hip Hop is MadMike's first EP to be released. Set to get ya heads bopping and jaws dropping. ;) Hope you enjoy!..


released November 6, 2013

Written, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Michael "MadMike" Orcher



all rights reserved


MadMike Brisbane, Australia

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Track Name: Another Round
V1 Yes I'm Back with a new track cracked to get ya
Up and motivated to go and drink ya some liquor
Fuck the shit Bruhh/Go head and just fix ya
Whatever ya want?/Plenty bottles to make a mixture
Anybody looking for a drinking party??/I'ma go and get it started
Spitting to the audience/And they loving it
Every time gotta get a cup/When they bumping this
This is the one to get you undone
Get loose and have fun
Resolute with a mass sum of coke and Rum YUMM!
Or a Vodka & Lemonade or a Scotch & a Whiskey aye
On the Rocks then I hit the stage
And I'm locked on the Mic spitting flames
Got the people goin deranged when I do my thing
And they got they Hands up in the air as they shout and they sing 
Go and Fill Yo Glass Back Up
Before You Go and Pass Out Drunk
I'm already smashed now BRUHH
But I'll drink it up let's have some FUN x2

Yes I'm plastered right now and Iknow that after
The laughter and Happiness its gonna be a disaster
Ending up on a matress with a bucket and no more cash
And I'm question asking Wondering what Happened??
In the last so many hours coz of the amount of drinks that I devoured
Got my memory all clouded and hoping I didn't shout out
Nothing stupid or do anything foolish
I know I'm cool with the last thing that I remember I was doing
Man I was Fucked Up
We were sitting back chilling listening to Reggae man
And kicking back and smoking weed like I'm a Rastafan
Eating Tacos like a Mexican with plenty sexy Hons
And hard as a Mannequin so baby come on give me some
Track Name: B.R.U.H.H. Brother Ruling Underground Hip Hop
B.R.U.H.H. Intro Yeah Coming to Give it To Em/ Ah MadMike MaadMiike coming to Give It To Em/ BRUHH (echo) Man Like I told You before/ I'm here and I ain't going Nowhere/ POP!   V1 Feeling so Energetic, Ready to get It/Got ya feeling pathetic need a medic/I'm ready You better get set and I'm a GO Professional/In a matter of minutes/ I'ma get rid of a bit of Y'all/ 4114/Representing my Regiment ridden with negative images but I still keep/Telling everyone I be coming from here and I don't really care what anyone think/Ink is sinking frequently on paper/To be one of the greatest artists in Australia, Entertainer, Musical Innovator no way that failure's on the table/Not an option cannot stop until I'm up in Heaven gonna be in Hip Hop when/ I'm old and perverted still coming with verses and serving my purpose/ And taking these words to work with/And service'em until it sounds perfect/Like a baby I nurture it certain I've been burden from birth with this/Rapper Combatant/Come in and packing/With no compassion/When I'm attacking/Hoping ya happen to be there/To witness spitting you never envisioned/To a Brother Ruling The UnderGround Movement/ Conclusive on who I am so you keep/   Hook Running Your Mouth/ Keep on Running Your Mouth Running Your Mouth/While A Brother Ruling Underground Hip Hop x4   V2 Boy ya better run when I come/Gotta gun for the hunt anyone can be done/Having fun when I'm on/I'm a dump on'em/BomB not a chump coming strong/ You in love with the one/Like I was Jet Li/Don't wanna test me I think it's best if we/Keep it a distance or in an instant/You might lose your existence/With the  quickness/And precision/ Be deliberate/ And effecient/That'll make all opposing give in to what I'm given/No other feeling/Better than when I'm on stage and I'm ripping Up/Haters, Un-appreciators fakers up in the place and I zip'em up/Hummina Hummina way too Hott/Definitive when I be on I won't stop/Kill any beat in front of me that drop/ Uh I'ma conquer this Genre down under/Form wonders like Thunder/corresponded No blunder/Flow plunders/Ya followers now acknowledging a Brother Underground Hip Hop/ B.R.U.H.H./ Is what I'm claiming and staying til the Lord take me away/ HOOK
Track Name: Invasion Day
INVASION DAY HOOK: It's Invasion Day/The day when we remember when Caucasians came/Back in 1788/Down in Botany Bay/ Is when they claimed/ To begin to take our land away/   Heyy It's Captain Took or Captain Crook/Or however ya say man the fact is look/I'm not here ot came and crack a sook/But I'm back with a passion to give the massive truth/With a track to boost ya/If ya black then suit up/Whenever I see that murri flag I stop and then salute/ BruHH/On a burning pursuit/Marching in Groups/We're living proof/And showing ya's all how a fucking Murri Do/Negative attitudes never get any gratitude/Only showing the baddest views/Flicking through every channels news/A positive outlook/Yeah highly in doubtful/They only come round when we getting bound up by the police call us scoundrels/Like we won't amount up to nothing/But alcoholism and drug abusing disputing within every living room/Our children are rendered imprisoned and doomed/But fuck what they thinking let's Move/And get up and teach all the Youth/And give'm the rights to choose and pursue what they wanna do WHAT!/   HOOK x2   Arthur Phillip needed some cough syrup/Coz when he got off the boat he brought  the cold and sickness with him/Our people quickly all fell victim to it/We wasn't use to it yet/It led to thousands of us ending up dead/And with a pest problem and no resolving they kept on following and now suddenly we're involved in/Relgion and Prisons and Missions and Distance from our families and our culture and our tradition/Now wishing/That we still had that knowledge that is missing/Now stricken/Forever with no ability to mention/Anything in my language/It just happened it just vanguished/But I beg to differ man It was taken by all these strangers/Proclaimed Australians when you know Y'all people all sailed in/From over Wales England or Great Britain with ya pale skin/Failed to get rid of us/Prevailed and still live amongst/This fucked up Government that's still out to get us/BruHH (echo)   HOOK x4
Track Name: I'm an MC
Y'all Ready, Let's Go
Comin for ya the war is on im a warrior
Calling a coroner whenever i get up in front of ya
Killing off foreginers that dont belong in this game
48 to the brain now get off my stage or im gonna BANG!
Got you ducking causin ruckus like i was chuck norris
Smelling like kaka wanna chuck up when ya goin for it
Ima force to be reckoned with you know it you cant ignore it
Ima showin up, blowin up everythin that you done brought up
Im engaged and locked on, your in danger to get knocked off
The murri to bury ya get ya hurried off ya high horse
Aw michael why you gotta go psycho
Making all of these other rappers go suicidal
Taking the title and creating and making it final
The bigger the figure than the quicker that i go
Im the maestro, sick with intelligent rhyme flows
And a bible keep the lord with me until my time go, OUT..
Ima be about my family livin n heavenly until the death of me
None of yall wanna step to me
Coz for me its always meant to be for you its alway mention me
Pretend to be wannabe little celebrities,
Comin to end with ease, I fuckin up enemies,
I put'em in penitentries, yeah where there meant to be
Coz ima vent relief, with a pen and sheet of paper check it later
You know what you gonna be bound to read

I'm an MC
Make a pen bleed, Til it's empty
You don't wanna come against me
And anytime i see me a mic, I grip it in sight
And got the people screamin MadMike x2

A plot thickener when im done with this liquor
Kill fullas quicker than adolf hitler when i start to pull my trigger
Figure me diggin ya graves, Under a pavement
Of bitchimen gettin you bitches in takin ya names
Im insane with aim when i came on ya dames face
Made her change her ways separated between her waist
Gotta crave for mayonaise sayin she wanna taste
Got us in the navy semen all over the place
With the pace to break a fake i makem shake up
Takem away from the game shamed to wake up
Ranked the great no debate when i came and spanked ya
Cranked with anger like i was jason statham
SHANK a fulla with a bit of a nulla nulla roll'em up in a cover
Then go and bury'em in kalamala
With the others there undiscovered under a lot of gravel
Trippin off what you've been listenin still wanna battle channel
Every bit of me, of my energy into industry remedy
Sent to be friend of the challenging with enemies
Come and defeat'em these are the reasons im breathing
My mental healing, Get physical when im revealing
The stress im feeling is relieved when i get the speaking
Up on a beat and its bumpin up outta ya speakers
Gorilla Breach Records keep bringing the heat undefeated til im leavin
Ima keep on MCing

I'm an MC
Make a pen bleed, Til it's empty
You don't wanna come against me
And anytime i see me a mic, I grip it in sight
And got the people screamin MadMike x2