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What's your poison?? Go grab Another Round of drinks and have a charge with MadMike!! :P


V1 Yes I'm Back with a new track cracked to get ya
Up and motivated to go and drink ya some liquor
Fuck the shit Bruhh/Go head and just fix ya
Whatever ya want?/Plenty bottles to make a mixture
Anybody looking for a drinking party??/I'ma go and get it started
Spitting to the audience/And they loving it
Every time gotta get a cup/When they bumping this
This is the one to get you undone
Get loose and have fun
Resolute with a mass sum of coke and Rum YUMM!
Or a Vodka & Lemonade or a Scotch & a Whiskey aye
On the Rocks then I hit the stage
And I'm locked on the Mic spitting flames
Got the people goin deranged when I do my thing
And they got they Hands up in the air as they shout and they sing 
Go and Fill Yo Glass Back Up
Before You Go and Pass Out Drunk
I'm already smashed now BRUHH
But I'll drink it up let's have some FUN x2

Yes I'm plastered right now and Iknow that after
The laughter and Happiness its gonna be a disaster
Ending up on a matress with a bucket and no more cash
And I'm question asking Wondering what Happened??
In the last so many hours coz of the amount of drinks that I devoured
Got my memory all clouded and hoping I didn't shout out
Nothing stupid or do anything foolish
I know I'm cool with the last thing that I remember I was doing
Man I was Fucked Up
We were sitting back chilling listening to Reggae man
And kicking back and smoking weed like I'm a Rastafan
Eating Tacos like a Mexican with plenty sexy Hons
And hard as a Mannequin so baby come on give me some




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MadMike Brisbane, Australia

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