B​.​R​.​U​.​H​.​H. Brother Ruling Underground Hip Hop

from by MadMike

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Lead single of the album


B.R.U.H.H. Intro Yeah Coming to Give it To Em/ Ah MadMike MaadMiike coming to Give It To Em/ BRUHH (echo) Man Like I told You before/ I'm here and I ain't going Nowhere/ POP!   V1 Feeling so Energetic, Ready to get It/Got ya feeling pathetic need a medic/I'm ready You better get set and I'm a GO Professional/In a matter of minutes/ I'ma get rid of a bit of Y'all/ 4114/Representing my Regiment ridden with negative images but I still keep/Telling everyone I be coming from here and I don't really care what anyone think/Ink is sinking frequently on paper/To be one of the greatest artists in Australia, Entertainer, Musical Innovator no way that failure's on the table/Not an option cannot stop until I'm up in Heaven gonna be in Hip Hop when/ I'm old and perverted still coming with verses and serving my purpose/ And taking these words to work with/And service'em until it sounds perfect/Like a baby I nurture it certain I've been burden from birth with this/Rapper Combatant/Come in and packing/With no compassion/When I'm attacking/Hoping ya happen to be there/To witness spitting you never envisioned/To a Brother Ruling The UnderGround Movement/ Conclusive on who I am so you keep/   Hook Running Your Mouth/ Keep on Running Your Mouth Running Your Mouth/While A Brother Ruling Underground Hip Hop x4   V2 Boy ya better run when I come/Gotta gun for the hunt anyone can be done/Having fun when I'm on/I'm a dump on'em/BomB not a chump coming strong/ You in love with the one/Like I was Jet Li/Don't wanna test me I think it's best if we/Keep it a distance or in an instant/You might lose your existence/With the  quickness/And precision/ Be deliberate/ And effecient/That'll make all opposing give in to what I'm given/No other feeling/Better than when I'm on stage and I'm ripping Up/Haters, Un-appreciators fakers up in the place and I zip'em up/Hummina Hummina way too Hott/Definitive when I be on I won't stop/Kill any beat in front of me that drop/ Uh I'ma conquer this Genre down under/Form wonders like Thunder/corresponded No blunder/Flow plunders/Ya followers now acknowledging a Brother Underground Hip Hop/ B.R.U.H.H./ Is what I'm claiming and staying til the Lord take me away/ HOOK




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MadMike Brisbane, Australia

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