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Exactly what the title states!.. Invasion Day


INVASION DAY HOOK: It's Invasion Day/The day when we remember when Caucasians came/Back in 1788/Down in Botany Bay/ Is when they claimed/ To begin to take our land away/   Heyy It's Captain Took or Captain Crook/Or however ya say man the fact is look/I'm not here ot came and crack a sook/But I'm back with a passion to give the massive truth/With a track to boost ya/If ya black then suit up/Whenever I see that murri flag I stop and then salute/ BruHH/On a burning pursuit/Marching in Groups/We're living proof/And showing ya's all how a fucking Murri Do/Negative attitudes never get any gratitude/Only showing the baddest views/Flicking through every channels news/A positive outlook/Yeah highly in doubtful/They only come round when we getting bound up by the police call us scoundrels/Like we won't amount up to nothing/But alcoholism and drug abusing disputing within every living room/Our children are rendered imprisoned and doomed/But fuck what they thinking let's Move/And get up and teach all the Youth/And give'm the rights to choose and pursue what they wanna do WHAT!/   HOOK x2   Arthur Phillip needed some cough syrup/Coz when he got off the boat he brought  the cold and sickness with him/Our people quickly all fell victim to it/We wasn't use to it yet/It led to thousands of us ending up dead/And with a pest problem and no resolving they kept on following and now suddenly we're involved in/Relgion and Prisons and Missions and Distance from our families and our culture and our tradition/Now wishing/That we still had that knowledge that is missing/Now stricken/Forever with no ability to mention/Anything in my language/It just happened it just vanguished/But I beg to differ man It was taken by all these strangers/Proclaimed Australians when you know Y'all people all sailed in/From over Wales England or Great Britain with ya pale skin/Failed to get rid of us/Prevailed and still live amongst/This fucked up Government that's still out to get us/BruHH (echo)   HOOK x4




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MadMike Brisbane, Australia

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